EXHIBITION: Roberto Matta. Infrarealismo


Exhibition organized in cooperation with Piekary Gallery.

The title of the exhibition refers to the term “infrarrealismo”, which is the equivalent of “surrealism”. This movement was initiated in the late 1940s by Chilean artist Roberto Matta associated with a group of French surrealists who was thrown out of it in 1948 by André Breton. In 1974, infrarealism, similar to surrealism in visual arts, literature and philosophy, spread throughout Latin America, especially in Mexico and Chile. The exhibition featured three cycles of Roberto Matta’s works from the ’70s: “Hom’mere Chaosmos” and “L’arc obscure des heures” from 1974, and “Hom-Merel’Eautre” from 1975. Futuristic landscapes filled with rotating human figures resembling robots appear in them. In these compositions, there are fascination with pre-Columbian culture and scientism that has appeared in oeuvre of Matta since the 1950s. The dark cycle “Hom’mere Chaosmos” is filled with bloody scenes of combat and ritual murders by biomorphic creatures with a hybrid identity. The title reference to Homer also appears in the second of the presented series – “Hom-Merel’Eautre”, in which marine motifs related to Odysseus’ homeric journey are intertwined with cosmological threads. The last collection of “L’Arc Obscure” consists of erotic lithographs with flesh color, filled with intertwined organic forms.