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Online archive of 9/11 Art Space Foundation: Terms and Conditions of Use.

  1.  Utilisation of the contents of the archive.
    • All photographs and reproductions stored in the archive are the property of 9/11 Art Space Foundation or the licensors of 9/11 Art Space Foundation.  They also constitute works within the meaning of the copyright laws and are thus subject to protection under copyright laws, industrial property rights, moral rights and other rights of intellectual property.

    • The contents of the archive may be browsed free of charge. Registered users may utilise low resolution scans for scientific purposes, in order to create and present preliminary, working projects. 

    • Any use of the works that exceeds the scope stipulated in section 1.2, and in particular their placement in IT networks such as the internet, their multiplication using digital or printing techniques, publication, use as a model or pattern, use of fragments which become a part of a new work by means of montage requires obtaining an appropriate consent in writing.   
    • The user is hereby informed that the archive may contain works whose use may require (apart from obtaining licence for the use of author’s economic rights to the works) obtaining permissions from third parties with respect to the contents presented in the works. The user is exclusively responsible for determining whether the use of work(s) they intend to effect requires any additional permissions. Should doubt arise, the user is obligated to consult the competent institution which manages the rights and/or the competent entity which provides professional services of legal counselling.
    • With the exception of the cases explicitly provided for in these terms and conditions, any copying, rebroadcasting and dissemination of any parts or elements of the archive and the works in any way is prohibited.
    • The following are forbidden:
      1. breaching or attempting to breach the electronic protection of the archive and deliberate bypassing the measures applied in order to prevent or limit the access to the archive or the works

      2. probing the level of the archive security
      3. using any devices, programming tools, algorithms or procedures which might interfere with the correct functioning of the archive
  2. Protection of personal data.
    • The database of personal data is administered by 9/11 Art Space Foundation, with registered office in 60-778 Poznań, ul. E. Orzeszkowej 9/11, office no. 3.
    • Personal data is supplied on a voluntary basis. Each user is entitled to access their data as well as to modify, correct and delete such data.
    • Personal data will not be made available to other entities.
    •  By completing and submitting the form, the user of the archive:
      1. confirms that the personal data provided in the form is accurate and true,
      2. acknowledges that they have been informed about the right to access their data and the right to modify and correct such data,
      3. consents voluntarily to have their data processed for the purposes related to the functioning of the archive by 9/11 Art Space Foundation, with registered office in 60-778 Poznań, ul. E. Orzeszkowej 9/11, office no. 3, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of May 10th, 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000).  
  3. Miscellaneous provisions.
    • 9/11 Art Space Foundation is not liable for any losses or damage arising from disruptions in the functioning of the online archive
    • 9/11 Art Space Foundation reserves the right to ban a user from accessing the archive in cases where such action is deemed justified, in particular when utilisation of the archive infringes applicable law or the provisions herein.
    • 9/11 Art Space Foundation is not responsible for the consequences arising from user’s disclosure of the archive password to third persons, irrespective of the reason or cause for such disclosure. 
    • These terms and conditions are binding upon the User of the archive.

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