CATALOGUE: Fortunata Obrąpalska. Between Pictorialism and Experiment

Publisher: 9/11 Art Space Foundation

Partner: Piekary Gallery
Text by Monika Kozień
Translation by Szymon Nowak
Edited by Magdalena Piłakowska
Graphic design and typesetting: Ryszard Bienert
Photographs: Zygmunt Gajewski
book size: 16,8 x 22,4 cm
(width x height)
pages: 176
ISBN 978-83-934071-5-6

Fortunata Obrąpalska. Between Pictiorialism and Experiment book won 3rd prize in the category ‘historical photography publication’ in competition for the best photography book from Central and Eastern Europe in 2013-2014, during 24th ed. of Month of Photography in Bratislava.